Sunday, December 27, 2009


I wish I could say my weekend was action packed, but it was generally without much excitement. And for the first year in many (maybe ever?) I didn't purchase any gifts or send out Christmas cards (does chicken feed for the hens count?). It was a season to reflect, make plenty of phone calls, and realize I need to get outside a bit more when the weekend weather is just wonderful (like today and yesterday and Christmas too) with the temp around fifty and nary a cloud in the sky.

So let's see, yesterday was a trip to Anacortes and a leisurely drive back up Chuckanut Drive, remembering how absolutely beautiful the area is in which I live. I remember living in cities back east longing to escape elsewhere and wondering about life on the West Coast. For much of my life it was a fantasy world that existed out here and now I am living this dream, but not without its bumps and bruises along the way. And I've never lived in a town where people continuously comment on how much they love it, until now.

So the culmination of the weekend was learning how to replace shingles on the roof of my garage. It looks like a greater project lies ahead for the aging, moist wood beneath the roof (two layers), but that will be another project for the summer. Today was a quick fix, and again, I was distracted by the 1972 VW Weekender in the garage. Some progress has been made. Pictures will be posted once I wrangle the camera from my housemate and get some fresh shots.

But that's all the excitement, other than the neighbors' Barred Rock hen hanging out with our RI Reds, and they seem to get along quite nicely.

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