Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well I won't show any pictures, but I've resorted to the springy-type mouse traps that cause a pretty effective means of ending its cohabitation of my home. And it makes me sad that these gentle, docile creatures can be a nuisance. But death don't have no mercy.

It's funny how humans beings are the only species that has a notion and attempted postponement of death (for the most part). Death is usually painful, and any organism avoids pain. But the concept of death and dying is beyond their psychological grasp, the fear the drives the species to avoid conflict is thus self preserving.

At any rate, it is silly that I instill human qualities and levels of intelligence upon these modest mice. We love them as pets, we hate them as vermin, and they are no longer welcome in my home. And all they wanted was to share a warm place inside. Life is fragile, and I am glad that I'm much closer to the top oof the food change as opposed to my little fallen nemeses (five so far, I believe). And I swear I tried the route of the humane trap, but it proved futile.

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