Monday, December 7, 2009


So I haven't been to a trade show for quite some time, and this week I am exhibiting with my company on Jantzen Beach. Funny thing is, all these trade shows have the same feel, even though the content is entirely different. But attending this show is good exposure, and excepting my continued absence of any semblance of sound sleep that goes hand-in-hand with building a company, it's been enjoyable.

I wish I could say that I enjoy Portland, but I really miss Bellingham very shortly after I leave there. Yeah Portland is nice and hip and has a great vibe to it, but it's not unlike the many cities that I've visited all over the US. The part we went out in (the NE quarter) on Saturday reminded me of Ohio City in Cleveland, although my Portlander colleagues seem to receive that comment disdainfully. Clean, friendly, mountains and trees - a typical PNW city.

Maybe I need time to warm up to it, similar to the time it took me to appreciate (albeit, not entirely...yet) Seattle. Right now though, it's a place I get to leave in exactly twenty-four hours to return to Bellingham. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Cold, cold, cold today. Temp in the twenties.

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