Sunday, January 24, 2010


Not much to say today. I've been working on a business plan for the past day or so, re-working a web site, compiling proforma financial statements - all the exciting things that one needs to do in the course of an emerging company. A good chunk of yesterday was spent at the library, and a good chunk of the evening was spent at the coffee shop working away.

And while I sit at home, I have Eraserhead playing as background noise, a movie that I find increasingly disturbing, yet I keep getting drawn to certain details and nuances of it, some of which may really mean nothing. I think we sometimes read into implied meanings and symbolisms that we find in movies and songs that the writer may never had intended. But at any rate, it will someday get added to my DVD library.

Although the morning looked promising, the cloud cover quickly encroached. The picture above (taken a few minutes ago) is where I sit writing away today. I am lucky to have a view of the arboretum, the San Juans and the WWU campus off in the distance. It's 10:20am and time to get back to work. Probably will be a late night tonight, but that's alright. I figure eight more hours total, but I sometimes get hungry or otherwise distracted.

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