Monday, January 4, 2010

VW Weekender

Although it was a weekend of doing little unrelated to leisure, Sunday finally some productivity, including finally getting the storm windows installed. And I missed one cold snap, hopefully there are only a few cold days ahead of us - I figure one more cold snap in the teens. Winter generally seems to lessen its grip around mid-February, so we are out of the proverbial woods in only a few weeks and then we will turn the corner to Spring.

And since the temperature was pushing fifty yesterday, I though it would also be a good opportunity to apply some rust inhibitor on the floor of my work in progress: A 1972 Volkswagen Weekender, which is basically a camper without the pop-top and a few other variations. (I am not even certain that it is a Westfalia.)

After spending the hundred dollars on this thirty-eight year old vehicle, I last week realized that I have acquired the last of my material wants in life. I really do not want or need anything more, so I can continue further pursuit of some other growth in life. My spiritual grounding can certainly use some work, but that will come with time. I know I need to continue my practice in meditation; maybe I will rejoin the Tuesday Vipassana sitting. I once told a friend that I didn't have time to meditate, and she replied "Exactly."

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