Sunday, January 31, 2010


I don't recall it being so dark out at 7am on Sunday morning, as it is today. Time takes on such a obscure meaning with its passage. I've found that I increasingly need less and less sleep. Maybe it is stress induced; maybe it's age. At any rate, I love to see Bellingham wake up and the cloak of darkness lift from this sleepy little seaside town. Although I can see the blinking red beacon atop the arboretum as I type from my easy chair, the rest of this hill is enshrouded in fog.

Like the ugly dog that shared my bed last night, it looks like Bellingham is going to stir, stretch, and sleep for a bit longer this morning.

Today for me, it is a day of work, a seed swap this afternoon, and possibly driving out to meet a friend in Birch Bay. I should probably use this vehicle that's been sitting in front of my house. Right now, it's costing me about $75/hr to drive it. I wonder if I really ever needed it?

The picture is a few blocks from my house overlooking Bellingham Bay and Lummi Island taken last week.

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