Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Tonight was another first for me sailing uncharted waters: I took an acting class at the suggestion of a friend downtown at a neat old studio on Cornwall (close to where this picture was taken last week). It was exhilarating and I am so lucky to know people in this town that turn me on to these types of activities. But come to think of it, it wasn't really entirely an acting class; it was more of an awareness class that really allowed me to learn more about myself. And paradoxically this was a great way to get outside of myself after a trying day.

But it's after eleven and I am holding true to a sleep cycle that involves getting up quite early, even though I frequently lay in bed for an hour or so listening to the CBC. Compared to the US news, it is always varied and entertaining, and could easily enmesh one in its high caliber of programming and news (versus the repetitive garbage heard on the local stations) and make it difficult to get out of bed - especially when there is a warm dog at your side.

And the 2010 Olympics are closing in - less than two weeks away. And no one even really seems to care down here, or even mention it. But I must add that I am a fan of Mukmuk, the marmot mascot. Marmots are pretty cool, having experienced their playfulness this summer up in the North Cascades.


Steve Wilson said...



Thought you might like to read this take on the Olympics..link is above.

Jeff Westcott said...

Good read. Thanks Steve.