Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Many, many people will allegedly be passing through Bellingham on their way to Vancouver, as all eyes look towards this wonderful city for the 2010 games. Typical Bellingham weather is forecast, so the world will be greeted with seasonal temps in the low forties with abounding cloud cover and drizzle. And that's just as well. Many times people visit in the summer from much sunnier climes, and say "gee, how bad can seven months of clouds and rain really be?" And many end up finding it intolerable and leaving a few winters later - sometimes, I've read, hiring the same mover to take them back south.

I once asked a life-time resident of Bellingham if the winters are more tolerable after you've lived here through tree or four of them. He somberly shook his head and said "they never get any easier." But this is my fourth, and fortunately it wasn't too, too bad. One cold snap, not much snow. And that's alright by me. And it's actually staying light out until five o'clock.

Sorry I have not much more to say about the Olympics here. I really don't follow them, and from the utter lack of any discussion regarding the games, not too many others really seem to care. This really isn't a town of spectator sports fanatics. When the game's on, most people are out hiking, jogging, biking, get the idea. And an amazing number of my friends don't even have television, so if I wanted to watch the games, I couldn't. Oh well. A worse fate could certainly have befallen me.


Anonymous said...

I hear that there is special event at the (Bellingham) Olympics...see how fast we can get the Canadians out of the area?

Sure you would not like to join in on that one?

Jeff Westcott said...

Please excuse my cynicism. I actually have a sincere fondness for Canadians (I know all the words to "Four Strong Winds"). I have a disdain for those south of Alger and east of The Cascades. (That's a joke, incidentally.)

Anonymous said...

Four strong winds? Isn't that what you get from eating too manmy beans?