Saturday, February 20, 2010


"Chaque joueur doit accepter les cartes que la vie lui distritribue. Mais une fois qu'il les a en main, lui seul peut décider comment jouer ses cartes pour gagner la partie." - Voltaire

Tonight is one of those nights where I am so glad that I live in Bellingham. Five minutes from my house (by bike) took me to the Rotunda Room at the Whatcom Museum, where I was able to see a wonderful play called the Misanthrope, by Moliere. The theatre company is comprised of some acquaintences of mine, and I was thoroughly impressed by the calibre of their perfromance; quality acting in an intimate theatre has a wonderful effect on my psyche.

And a few times a year I meet a woman of dazzling beauty in Bellingham who takes my breath away. Tonight was one such night. I wonder if I will see her again?

But earlier...I would like to say that I helped someone move today, but as happenstance would have it, they had just finished up when I arrived. I wasn't necessarily late, per se, they just got an early start. But it's always nice to have a good friend move back into town.especially when you don't need to move them.

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Anonymous said...

and we thoroughly appreciated you turning up, even if it was after everything had been moved. And, we expect to see more of you once everything is settled.....

Good to be back in the City of Subdued Excitement my friend, and good to see you again~