Thursday, February 25, 2010


Here's a dramatic sunrise over the Chuckanuts taken in Happy Valley. I dodn't take it, my housemate did. It's outside the store where I used to moonlight. It was a fun job, but like many things, it got old. At least biking the five or six miles each way a few times a week was pretty invigorating.

But anymore I am juggling many balls and spend much of my day glued to my two ccomputers, multi-taking to the point of madness, talking on the phone while pouring myself three or four cups of coffee, and finally prying myself away long enough to sometimes shower and run to errands. Why do I do this to myself?

But last night was one such reason. There is a group of entrepreneurs that meets every month to discuss their traivails and successes. I really don't quite understand specifically what an entrepreur is. Some people view it as someoneone that hits is big and makes beaucoup bucks. But that's not me, I would define one more as someone chronically broke with an ongoing stress headache that still manages to have low blood pressure and wonders why a (sometimes self-induced) tumultuous and chaotic life is the norm. I guess it's how I get my kicks.

And some day I'll tell you about my recent interest in learning the Korean language.

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