Monday, February 22, 2010


The Whatcom Chief docks at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal in Fairhaven on a test run Tuesday. The test made sure the ferry could successfully dock if negotiations fail with the Lummi Nation and the county to renew a lease at Gooseberry Point.–MARK MALIJAN|THE BELLINGHAM HERALD

Another beautiful day - both today and yesterday - although I spent it catching up on work-related things. Fortunately, I was able to spend time outside at the park reading a business plan and finishing it up last night. And today is off to a job interview. Although I've lived the free-wheeling life of a consultant for many years, it has worn me down. A regular job with a normal schedule and benefits can be quite palatable right now. Especially in an industry in which I have knowledge and experience.

So I am sitting here typing on this wondrous day in my suit and tie getting ready to walk over to the interview. The fact that I would be working four blocks from my house is a dream commute, by any standard.

Oh, and you will need to see some old pictures from the Bellingham Herald, as the batteries were found to be dead in my old HP camera Saturday when I carried it with me and had that perfect sunset shot lined up.

Today after my intereview I will bike down to the park to hopefully get some nice pictures, as the rain and clouds return tomorrow.

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