Saturday, February 13, 2010


Another day of warming weather here in Bellingham. I thought yesterday was 'shorts' weather until I rode over to the L&I office, and realized that it had either gotten suddenly colder with a weather system passing through with the wind and spitting rain (which came later). I think it's just a bit early to be wearing shorts.

But the buds are bursting forth, and the bulds are sprouting. People always talk about the snow flurries in March that Bellingham notoriously gets. I wonder if that is still in the forecast? And other mention how a mild Spring and Winter often leads to a crummy summer. We shall see.

But pictures of driving down Highway One in the Florida Keys are always a refreshing thought. Prolonged sun will be here soon. In four months. Time to get motivated and push through another weekend of finishing up some projects. Maybe watch the Olympics somewhere, although life in Bellingham appears to be same as it ever was. Even though this is the last city before the border, it seems not too many people dropped by to spend their tourist dollars.

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