Monday, February 8, 2010


Oddly enough, people still search a lot for Bellingham Gangs and arrive at this site. Actually, they're the most commonly searched words that bring people to this site. Bellingham doesn't even deny that it has gangs. Usually when a city is denying it has gangs, that usually means that it does have them. Or other bad things, like pestilence. But I guess we all need to belong.

Not much more to say. Ice cream beckons. Off to Everett tomorrow morning. I think my work load is lightening up. And I think Spring might be here. Joy.

And I wonder if Canadians are so mellow because they listen to CBC Radio 2? What great programming.

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Anonymous said...

Everett.... now there's a fine place if ever I saw one! I think that most people move from down around that area back to Bellingham...the City of Subdued Excitement...