Sunday, February 28, 2010


Sometimes I just get too busy to write. I love down time to do nothing but watch the sun set, and I am lucky to have days of leisure - at least one day a week of down time. Unfortunately, these days of doing nothing are usually filled with all sorts of activities. Yesterday was one such day:

A morning of volunteering the services of my little truck to carry compost, then wood, all leading up to successful garden beds that were created for a local non-profit youth group, and potentially food for production and sale to local restaurants. It's amazing the wonderful people that I meet in this town, and days like Saturday reinforce that.

People tell me how wonderful it is that I do all the volunteer work that I do, and although I smile and say thank you, it's really a self-serving agenda that I have: I enjoy volunteering tremendously and meet some incredible people.

I have no pictures from yesterday, so instead I will show you the ten most dangerous intersections from The Herald. Fortunately, my driving continues to be minimal, especially in these areas. Although I can tell you a story about driving last night in my friend's borrowed shiny Mustang Saleen that sounds powerful and throaty, and had to be going well in excess of the posted speed limit on the Birch Bay-Lynden Road. But that's for another time.

Any more, eight knots is fast for me.

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