Wednesday, January 20, 2010


"I can't get the sand out of my shoes
Being in Florida has done a number on my blues
Just the way the women walk 'round here
Well it's plain to see the way the sand and sea
Have done a number on me"
- Will Oldham

This morning I leave Florida after a memorable journey of little rest. Although this life is entirely foreign to me anymore, I will leave here with many fond memories. The other night we went to The Breakers, a very posh resort where the Clintons were supposedly staying while we were having drinks in the one ritzy bar overlooking the ocean.

Unfortunately, once we were back on the mainland, the work load was more of a burden that we'd both anticipated (we both can work remotely running businesses) and we never made it to places like the beach or pool.

But it was still a nice change to work in a cool breeze from my friend's place (see picture) - a little oasis in this overbuilt area with an overabundance of For Sale and For Lease signs. Time to leave for the airport. I cannot convey how glad I am to be returning to the warmth and comfort of the people of the wet, cloudy Pacific Northwest and six more months of the temperate Bellingham winter.

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