Saturday, January 23, 2010


Nothing like a good David Lynch film to begin the weekend. I am still on East Coast time, so I have been getting up at seven a.m. or earlier. But this weekend little will be done except writing a business plan for my company. I have been told by many that I am quite good at writing them, although they have a tendency to be dry and regimented, unlike my ability to write here free and unfettered.

And last night was a fun time seeing a movie at the Pickford, even though the movie itself - Collapse - was less than uplifting. Unfortunately, I feel this increased ennui towards things like environmental degradation, peak oil, climate change, economic/financial collapse,... as it's all old news to me and unfortunately coming to a head as had been projected by much of the experts for decades.

I wish I was more prone to get my news from the mainstream media, where these problems seem to not exist, or be worthy of serious discussion. Maybe I need t watch television and become dumbed down.

Oh well, back to work on a partly cloudy Saturday morning.

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