Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Traesti Gudmundson bags salmon fillets on the boat Desire, of Desire Fish Company, in Squalicum Harbor, on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2010. The locally owned family business is in its sixth year and sells salmon straight from their vessel. "At least for us, it seems that people are buying locally and realizing that money is spread through the community," Gudmundson said.–MARK MALIJAN|THE BELLINGHAM HERALD

Here is a picture taken from today's Herald. I often think about getting some locally caught salmon, but I have been lucky to get some from a friend once in a while this season. I think I had some King, but have not eaen enough of it yet to develop a discerning palate.

Not much more to say today. Although chilly, people seem to feel that the worst of winter is behind us. There are subtle hints of spring already, even though a cold spell is probably still on January's agenda where the temperature will dip into the teens. But for now it is sandal weather. Working at the food bank tonight. Early to sleep tonight - waking up at eight a.m. can sometimes be a drag.

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