Saturday, January 9, 2010


It is still amazing how this country crumbles due to its crippling debt load while no one questions our tremendous, wasteful military spending. Evidently, there are only approximately 100 al Qaeda remaining in Afghanistan. Yet we continue to spend hundreds of billions on a futile war there that will never be won. Here is an interesting article that addresses this country's protracted economic morass of this country at war serving few while bulk of the necessary services usually provided by government (eg, infrastructure, education, social services, small business support) is declining or virtually non-existent.

Oddly enough, Osama bin Laden (" a man that lives in a cave an rides a donkey," as my father once referred to him) may actually bring this once great country to its knees after all. But considering the CIA was complicit in creating and supporting these resistance fighters (or Osama it was in the eighties against the Soviet occupation), what was a huge blunder for this agency fortunately turned out to be a huge economic boon for the highly lucrative government-subsidized military machine in this country, dwarfing the paltry billions thown at the hugely profitable and influential banking industry (set this week for a record round of bonuses while Main Street continues to falter and wither).

This military waste and overstretch is a huge component leading to this county's demise on many levels, and until people seriously question our intent in parts of the world where we are really not needed or wanted, there is little hope of any type of economic resuscitation in the US.

I am glad that I do not support (nor ever have) this Bush-Obama administration. Meanwhile the two parties continue to name call while the US crumbles.

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Anonymous said...

shouldn't you be out, sucking clogged storm water drains dry??
instead you are laying in bed listening to the radio?
You will never become a capitalist that way~