Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The chickens appear to be happy. But I really don't even know if chickens experience the feeling of happiness, per se. Maybe contentment, satisfaction, security, ... would be better words. I think I need to eat more eggs, as my consumption is lagging their production.

It is funny when I go outside and they run to me and pester me as I go to the garage. Maybe I don't feed them enough.

But I always thought that chickens were stupid birds with flat personalities. They are actually quite vibrant and full of zeal. And they put out some pretty mean eggs to. This variety is the Rhode Island Red, and is known for its egg laying and friendliness. A good choice, I guess, for a first time chicken farmer such as I.

And although the day wasn't perfect, the night ride down the boardwalk to Fairhaven in the warm darkness with the salt breeze blowing from the northeast (versus its predominant southwesterlies) was a nice change. Usually the north winds bring chill and clear skies, but fortunately tonight it predicted to be only the latter. Nights like tonight riding along the bay on my one-speed cruiser are magical. Magic helps.

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Anonymous said...

eat more eggs? eggs-actly...