Thursday, January 7, 2010


From a cool web site I found listing all the web cams all over Western Washington.

For some reason today was remarkably clear (unlike this picture), even though the sky was partly cloudy. I had to drive down to Anacortes, which has becoming an increasingly pleasurable drive, and was able to virew the stark closeness of the Olympic Mountains as I headed west on Highway 20. To think that I used to have a daily commute of comparable time stuck in a city bus, or driving singly in an automobile amongst the thousands of other equally frustrated drivers amidst a sea of asphalt is entirely incomprenhensible to me at this point in my life. I drive one or two days a week, and fourtunately can bike around town to complete the rest of my errands.

And the ride home up I-5 was no less remarkable, woth the Cascades looming to the east and Canada's Pacific Coast Range to the north - both appearing vivid and seemingly within reach.

Speaking of Olympics, the 2010 Vancouver Olympics are practically at our doorstep. {Yawn}

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