Wednesday, January 27, 2010


To the left is one of the funkiest places in Bellingham called The Temple Bar. Last night we were working, finishing up a business plan, and one coffee shop closed on us. So by chance we decided upon The Temple Bar and fortunately the chocolate truffle cake brought be some much needed bliss as the glow of my laptop cast an eerie glow upon this otherwise cozy corner of Bellingham.

Launching a business can suck. And it can also bring unequaled joy. But come to think of it, so can things like children (although I cannot say personally), sailing, powder days, relationships and life in general. Fortunaltely there is the support of a friendly town like Bellingham. Where a friendly smile fom a total stranger on the street or in the coffee shop can make all the difference.

I often recall that first business I helped launch in Pittsburgh in 1995 when I was in grad school. I remember asking the young owner of the bike and ski shop, "do you ever wake up at two in the morning, thinking 'oh shit, I forgot to do something.'"

He replied, "I wsh I could wake up. If only I could get to sleep."

But that's how business works. In a struggling economy, the challanges are even more daunting and sleepless nights are not uncommon. And for me, the buisness is the last thought at night, and the first thought in the morning. Twelve hours days of work are not abnormal, and the days blend together.

I took a bunch of pictures yesterday on a warm, sunny day, like the one above looking east. I am sure you'll see more.

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