Thursday, August 6, 2009


Another picture from a few days back. The sun has been appearing closer in the past few days. Much larger than in this picture. Maybe the earth is careening towards the sun and the mainstream media is keeping this from us, the masses. Evil CNN and FOX.

But you couldn't tell today. I wore fleece atop a thick Woolrich shirt. Summer? And the kids (those that were born here, at least) are running around in swimsuits and bare feet. I am getting used the the maritime chill that may never be too far from the heels of a sweltering heat.

But I stepped into this century's technology with a MiFi card, something that I'd better quickly get in the habit putting it in one place. It's convenient, and gives me a WiFi hot spot by pressing a little button. And it's a little bigger than a credit card. And about ten times as thick. Unfortunatley, I only get 5GB of bandwith a month. But I don't even know how much that is, so maybe I shouldn't be too concerned yet.

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