Sunday, August 23, 2009


Right: Anther picture taken in Fairhaven yesterday.

CNN and Fox News (and the rest of the MSM) are like McDonalds: if you haven't had it in awhile, you realize how crappy it is when you finally do. I can no longer stomach these news stations when I am forced to watch them. Not only were they flagrantly negligent in reporting of our failed wars (and the run-up), the economic (tech, equity, real estate, commodities) bubbles, the current economic maelstrom, etc. I guess that news bores me and the more I get my news from sources with less fluff, the more distasteful the MSM becomes. For example, what of today's Latest News from CNN is really news?

Latest News:
* Sources: CIA report alleges prisoner abuse 6 min
* Jamaican sprinter Bolt: 'I want to be a legend' 17 min
* Massachusetts exhales as Bill passes
* Voter gripes abound as Afghans count ballots
* Battle on to contain Greece wildfires
* Israel hits back over organ harvesting article
* Violence overshadows start of Ramadan
* Former S. Korea president Kim laid to rest
* FBI: Scottish official 'has rewarded a terrorist'
* Ticker: 'Make my day,' senator tells actor

Like fast food, though though of gaining any sustenance from these sources turns my stomach.

Interesting sources that I frequent, although they are a sometimes technical:
Naked Capitalism
Daily Reckoning
Doctor Housing Bubble

There are many others that I can't think of right now, but not having television makes this disengagement much more pleasurable, as well as making more more knowledgeable on the news. And I try to vary my political views, as it's easy to get sucked into a certain bias on the gravitation of internet sites. Unfortunately, the more technical or factual, the more grim the scenario.

Those are my musings from my Sunday morning gig from my idle time working at my friend's shop on a day-turned-sunny here in Happy Valley.

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naked capitalism? we' re up for naked anything...LOL