Sunday, August 16, 2009


So we are motoring around the San Juans yesterday, since there really wasn't any wind to speak of, and lo and behold, we come across this island with all sorts of animals grazing on the grassy southern end. After looking through the binoculars, we saw all sorts of funky animals like Big Horn Sheep, elk, rams - all grazing on the side of the hill that looks like the rolling grass hills of Central California (I said around Paso Robles). All these strange animals though, and we labeled it the Neverland Ranch, due to all the exotic animals we saw on the island.

And although I never really liked going to Orcas Island, I have grown a fondness towards the island. Yeah, I can bitch about the tourists rushing to the island only to relax, but I am one too. And to think this weekend I really didn't relax too much because I had this grant/loan application hanging over my head (and it still is), which is due tomorrow by the close of business.

So I should probably get back to work. It's one a.m. now and hopefully I can finish up tonight and not be all stressed out tomorrow. I might actually get this done with some time to spare. Fortunately, a 1978 Grateful Dead concert is keeping me anchored to my desk. And coffee. And many reflections of what a great weekend it was. And although a person of modest means, I sometimes feel like the richest person alive. Now back to work at 1:15am on a Monday morning.

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