Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Here is another picture taken at the interesetion of Harris and 11th (I believe) in Fairhaven. This one is looking west towards the ferry terminal.

Another glorious day today in Bellingham. A morning of work, followed by an evening of work, with a drive down to Anacortes in my nifty 1985 pick-up that I'd rather not drive. It's a bit big and personally I like to look out the windows and daydream while others drive versus concentrating on driving. The buses are the best to take down I-5 through the pass in Alger where you can look out the tall windows at the towering conifers above.

At any rate, time to skedaddle. I need to use one of those card lock systems for the first time in my life. Hopefully it will be pretty straighforward, and there's a fueling station close to my house. Fortunately, I am the slow poke on the interstate, as I give myself extra time to take it easy and take in the majestic scenery. I often wonder why people would be in such a hurry to drive through such beauty. But I guess they know no other speed except 'as much as possible.' Poor saps. Rushing through life their graves.

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