Monday, August 24, 2009


Yesterday's picture was of this same intersection in Fairhaven, and was looking north; this picture is looking east up Harris Ave.

I had an interesting conversation with a recent grad in Bellingham that moved back here after graduating and thinking he'd split for good. To create the scenario in parts of Bellingham with a heavy student population: when the leave for the season, they cast away much of their furniture or other belongings (like bilkes), as they probably come from upper-middle class families and find it cheaper to replace things versus move them back in forth to Renton, or wherever the hell they come from.

But the odd thing is that they get drawn back to Bellingham after graduation, or never leave at all, and now are sucked into the local job market's lackluster $18/hr mean wage. Now they're the ones (and we've all done it) stopping to pick through the students' ubiquitous castaways with a "free" sign leaning against it. Once you settle into a lifestyle wanting to live with less (and not necessarily the newest and shiniest) you realize how less taxing it can be. I gues I'm still a contrarian though. But that's alright by me.

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