Monday, August 10, 2009


After finally realizing that my broadband is dismally slow, I finally gave up my Qwest 256Kbs cheap-o DSL (ye, they do make it that slow) to go with Clearwire (now called Clear). So for the same price, I will get 3Mbs (or 3,000Kbs) and hopefully allow me to work a bit more efficiently and listen to Grateful Dead bootlegs without have web pages load painfully slow. And my housemate will be happy that she can watch Family Guy online again. And oddly enough, why do companies likw Qwest offer to reward you with deals when you threaten to leave? Where were they for the past three years when I diligently paid my bill on time and never asked for a thing? Oh well, good riddence. They must be awash in cash since they could afford to purchase naming rights to a baseball or football stadium down in Seattle. So maybe it's now time to upgarade my low-end ASUS router. Why, now, is it fluctuating between 18Mbs and 54Mbs?

But a refreshing day to awkaken to the sound of rain on the roof, and rain all day. A good soaking rain that was welcomed by everyone with plants in the ground. And more rain is forecasted. I remember what fall and winter feels like. But summer will return soon.

Another picture from the wonderful garden tour last weekend.

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Michael said...

You should be fine with the wireless speed fluctuating as your Clearwire is only 3M at most, so the 54M to 18M variability that you see from your router to your laptop won't be the bottleneck.

Glad to see that you finnnnnaaaaly upgraded from that slow DSL. :) I miss bham somewhat, being down here in the craziness that is Seattle.

-Michael (your former IT dude)