Saturday, August 1, 2009


So today was the Summer Tour of urban gardens in Bellingham. We left me place around eleven and went to two different places in Sunnyland, a community garden in Lettered Streets (picture), and then two more, both (I think) in Birchwood and at the last one we had a great meal. And the possibility arose of going to a conference in September down on the Hood Canal.

The temperatures have returned to a tolerable level here. A beuatiful day in Bellingham and the one garden we toured (I am sure you'll see a picture soon) inspired me to keep forging ahead with my small lot. I finally planted the salmonberry and added a bit more fencing for the chicken coop. Four feet is not enough to keep the chickens in, so I added anouther four. And another twenty-five bucks for food and not one single egg yet. Humph.

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