Saturday, August 22, 2009


A classic summer day in Bellingham for me.
A Picnic in the park in Fairhaven (for volunteers of rht Food Bank), followed by coffee with a freind in Fairhaven, a part of town although only a few miles away, a place that I do not frequent too much. I should go to Tony's more to work. By the time I left if was pushing three. By four I was on to a bike ride down Chuckanut, turned left at Bow Hill Road, and over to Old 99 North (I always wonder where Old 99 South is?), and back into town.

A good day. A nice fifty mile ride on my road bike. Then another ten miles or so made for a good day of biking. Personally, I am not a big fan of the narow shoulders and heave traffic on Chuckanut Drive, but fortunatley the drivers are accommodating and once in the Skagit Lowlands, things opended up into lush farmlands. Once in a while it's nice to take the day to relax and do nothing.

And I am also geting comfortable leaving my phone at home much of the time. I find the need to always have a phone is a barometer of my level of disorganiztion. Most call nowadays can wait until I return to my office or home. Freeing me from my cell phone is relieving.

Lastly, the season is nigh for blackberries. Not only are the growing out back, but my housemate picked a ton and made cobbler tonight. I chest freezer (to freeze all this local food that overwhelms us over the year) is something I thought of time and again. Warm cobble over vanilla ice cream. Yum.

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