Sunday, August 2, 2009


This was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen in my like. A true inspiration with an unmatched vibrancy of colors and scents. And the garden went on and on and I wasn't even able to even see as much of it as I'd've liked, as I was busy trying to stay on a schedule, which is impossible in relaxed mode of my Bellingham contemporaries - especially amongst such utter beauty.

Today, sun. Working and gardening and glad that I can wear shorts most days (with occasional khakis thrown in there) and can regain my personal stock of Vitamin D and get a nice tan in the process. It's always cool to have sandal tan lines on your feet. I did splurge and bought a pair Olukai sandals at Hinton's Shoes in town a month or so back.

I always think of something during the day that I want to bitch about on this web log, but it always seems to dissipate by the time I sit down to write. And I finally think I devised a fencing configuration that will keep the crafty chickens enclosed in their pen. We'll see.

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