Friday, August 14, 2009

Deer Harbor

Tonogh was an interesting series of events, ending in Disney World. After getting the R60/6 started after some carburetor mischief, I rode down to the ferry and took it over to Orcas Island. My friend got delayed in Portland - evidently they have something called traffic down there - and I wan't able to get on his boat (the HR46), so instead I opted for seerage aboard his old Islander 32 (he's trying to sell this one) in the back of this picture. So I rowed over in a sagging Achilles dinghy, dropped my minimal gear off, rowed back in an old wooden tender, towing the dinghy, rode my BMW into town, had some food at the Lower Tavern (or something like that), returned to the little wooden boat with a single oar, and rowed back to the old Islander. And then the amazement began.

No moon, but a million stars accented by the anchor lights in Deer Harbor. But paddling through the water stirred up all these little plankton that lighted the water green with every stroke of the paddle. Literally, I was seeing trails. Bright green trails through the water. I wanted to stay in the little boat and play with the little minially-celled creatures in nature's display of its awe. But instead I climbed aboard and tried to recall some of the infinite stars above and their constallations. And tomorrow is supposed to be better...

Calm seas, not too chilly, and my friend called from the ferry landing. He's towing an airplane that he building, but that's another story for anohter day.

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