Sunday, August 30, 2009


We had been talking about getting rid of the rooster. Our yard was too small to annoy the neighbors with such raucous antics so early in the morning. And the last two days it charged us (me on the first morning and my housemate the second) and was becoming quite aggressive. Not that that was reason enough to eat it, but it was a decision made to get rid of him or eat him by both of us.

We were going to trade it for a hen or a few dozen eggs. Instead, I came home from work today with its final dressing completed and ready for cooking. What was a crowing beautiful bantam rooster this morning become dinner this evening. Here is a picture before he took his plunge. A noble life Sid lived.

At any rate, I didn't eat any of him, as I don't really eat chicken. But I was told it was quite good and the leftovers are in the 'fridge. Fortunately we had some friends come over that are excellent chefs and prepared the bird for us.

Time to sleep. More on this weekend's eventful trip to Orcas soon.

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Anonymous said...

well, just like Sid's punk music... albeit somewhat racous as well.... Sid the rooster will be remembered!