Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Here is a picture from the flight over to Orcas Island last Friday. Plenty has been going on, but a discombobulated schedule makes for difficulty in finding time to write here. But back to flying, I know some people are terrified of these smaller planes, but I felt much safer in this small Mooney even with the plane crabbing as we approached the runway. This picture here is of Bellingham near the airport. Fortunately our luck in the air was much better than our luck on the sea. A great flight was followed by a bad sail, but that story will be told another day.

Over the summer (or what's left of it) I really like to leave Bellingham for no more than a day, because no matter where I venture off to, after one night away from here - no matter where I am - I find that I'd rather being home in Bellingham. I don't know if I really like spending time around Bellingham, or if I am just turning into a homebody.

But Saturday we flew back here and my friend stayed over and we just relaxed and had a good afternoon and evening of really doing nothing. Boundary Bay for lunch, Boulevard Park to fly a kite, Honeymoon later, finishing up at Uisce. Oops and pancakes at the Horseshoe around midninght. I went to more places in one night with an out-of-towner than I do normally in three months. What fun tho...

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