Sunday, September 6, 2009


One or two times a year they have a sidewalk chalk art festival in town. Although thi happened in early August, I thought I'd post a picture I came across from the Bellingham Herald. A slow day of not much happening and I am weary and bored of the Internet and news and information it has to offer. These cycles occur every few months.

But the rain held off so far this weekend, but the wind is quite brisk. Not a good weekend to be on the water - whether sail or power. The winds in the low twenties gusting to 30kts ESE with uncomfortable seas. I guess not too bad. A few weeks out and I'll be making a passage to Portland from the islands. Roughly 150nm once we hit the Pacific.

Hopefully an effort to continue my weekend's relaxation into this evening will prevail. When it's unpleasant outside, I cherish an afternoon of doing nothing.

Done come and gone
My oh my

More tomorrow when I feel like thinking.

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