Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Here's my newly acwuired Volkswagen that I got for a song. Yes, it looks rather weathered (the person I bought it from said they - her family and neighbors - were going to to miss watching the moss grow on it parked in front of their home). At any rate, it's been sitting for many years and consequently, there is minimal rust underneath and many of the parts are original, including the AM radio. As VWs are usually named, I feel compelled to call her Mossy.

I ususally don't post multiple pictures, but here is a better idea of its condition:

(Click on any of these pictures to enlarge.)

Interior with refrigerator and fold down table. Fold out bed aft. The wheel wells are virtually rust free. The third is from the back looking forward. Two things I was looking for include a walk-through (split seat) versus a bench seat, and jalousie windows on the side. A hard top was also preferred, as these buses have little storage, so a roof rack would be mandatory. Also, I find the the canvas and leaking and noise and extra weight of the pop-tops to be undesirable.

Here is the worst rust located on the driver's floorboard. Fortunately, these metal pieces are plentiful, cheap, and easy to replace. So far, that's the only serious rust I've come across. And yes, the seats will all need to be reupholstered. Maybe stock material, but maybe something a bit more funky. And the last picture shows some damage to the roof above the passenger front seat. Some fat hippie must have fallen from the sky and landed there.

Not to bad for a vehicle that's almost forty years old. the odometer says around 69k, but I do not know how many times that it has been turned over. I am sure I'll be posting its progress here periodically.

It's six p.m. and I am down in Mt. Vernon tonight meeting with some colleagues. I am fighting some flu-like symptoms and making oinking noises. I wonder what that could be?

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