Saturday, September 19, 2009

SR 542

Today I rode my motorbike up into the mountains. With the combination of the chill increasing with the elevation, and then the rain, and then missing the last gas station in Glacier, then being able to see your breath, and the general realization that summer on the run and fall's coming on. I logged fewer miles on my BMW R60/6 this year versus last year, but that's alright. I have no desire to own any other motorcycle than this one, so averaging less than a thousand miles a year will preserve its fabulous condition.

Later I became trapped in the garage starting the many projects on the VW Bus. The more I look at it, the more pleased I am with its condition. Many original parts, down to the AM radio, interior paneling, hardware, etc. I hope to keep it as original as possible. Even the battery has a full charge. But the list of items it needs has begun and continues to grow.

More tomorrow.

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