Monday, September 14, 2009

Type II

Here is a picture taken last week of the Bellingham City Building.

Today I picked up my lightly used but worn Volkswagen Type II Bus. I am lucky to live in a place where old vehicles do not succumb to the elements like back east or down south. I'll put some pictures at some point soon. I am quite pleased with the minimal rust on a vehicle pushing forty years of age, and my hope is to get it on the road by next summer. First the mechanics (including swapping out a four-speed transaxle - giving it to the previous owner was the clincher that enabled to to buy it for a hundred bucks) and then the cosmetics and body work can come second. I don't want it pristine, I just want it functional.

I hope to resucitate this camper, and its days of being exposed to the rain might be behind it for awhile, as it's found a new home in my garage. Fortunately Bellingham is full of VW enthusiasts, and already I'm quickly being given numbers of people that do work on or are knowledgeable with air-cooled vee-dubs. And the pains of my weekend hike have returned after trying to push the Weekender into the garage.

Off to bed to dream about VWs. I guess I'm still a kid afterall. Just sitting in the driver's seat, memories of 1988 come flooding back.

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