Monday, September 7, 2009


I still get a kick out of the seaplanes landing so close to boat whether out on the Puget Sound or down on Lake Union. This is the ten fifteen that takes off every day from Deer Harbor. This is the type of weather we had this weekend too. It was supposed to rain all weekend, but we only got a few passing showers. Still, the forecast was reason enough for me to enjoy a generally reclusive weekend, which was much needed.

And I was successful at spending a good chunk of the weekend reading Winesburg, Ohio, and then continuing with diving into Babbitt - both set (arguably, the latter) in the Buckeye State. It's funny how I can easily slump into relaxation mode when the season cools down. Fall is in the air, and fortunately I was able to do some much needed gardening (for my own being, as well as the yard).

I wonder how many more evenings I'll be able to sit here with the fron door open and the sounds of children and laughter and music waft through the wooden screen door.But the hawthorn leaves have taken on a different rustle as they prepare for their departure to the ground. I look forward to the autumn and slumber of winter.

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