Monday, September 21, 2009


Here's a picture of the Assumption Church a few blocks from my house looking west taken a week or two back.

It looks like we're heading to sea this weekend, delivering my friend's boat down to Portland from the San Juans. Crossing the bar entering into the Columbia River is supposedly treacherous on an ebb tide (the current opposes the tide and can create some gnarly seas) so we need to plan our entry across the bar right at low tide when the flood tide begins. That's my logic, at least. So reading the tide charts for getting out on Friday and getting in on Sunday. Although I've spent many long nights under sail, this will be my first ever sail through the night.

My estimate is eight hours to round the peninsula (Neah Bay), and from there, roughly 175 nautical miles to the inlet (or 36 hours), and another eight up the Columbia River.Two days under sail, pretty much.

Time to sleep and dream about the sea.

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