Thursday, September 17, 2009


Here is a picture from my campsite last Friday. Or close to it.

An interesting thing that I like about Bellingham is when most people meet you, few ask what you do for a living. Back East it was usually the second question that introductions elicit - maybe to compartmentalize or evaluate your role in society and the world - but up here in the PNW I have many friends and we rarely discuss work, and I do not even know what many of them do, beyond a vague notion. At any rate, that struck me as odd. Much like the more European cultures, so I've read and experienced (albeit quite minimally).

Thursday is usually my long day. I sit here at my moonlighting gig selling tobacco, alcohol and processed food to college kids on their parents' dwindling dimes and credit. But I am working with launching another company based upon a rather stable biz model. So far things are forging ahead favorably. Soon you will see a picture with a big new piece of equipment that we are picking up tomorrow.

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