Thursday, September 24, 2009


All of the consonants in Satan are in Sprint.

After dealing with the horrors of Sprint today for (literally) hours - well first Sprint then Boost Mobile, then Sprint, then Boost, then Sprint - my day was completely shot. I am trying to raise a substantial sum of money with a company I am working with, and today's incident with Sprint was by far the more frustrating and blood pressure raising incident of the two.

But eventually I was directed to the mall to pick up another phone, and who'd ever imagine that the Sprint kiosk at this otherwise soulless place, inhabited by the denizens of consumerism, would ever be an oasis of refuge and salvation from the maddening world. After being passed around the various inept Sprint telephone staff all morning - being transferred amongst them (and disconnected on occasion) to locations probably spanning the four corners of the globe, I was directed to the Bellis Fair Mall (just typing those three words is unpleasant to me) and miraculously a young competent kid did everything the right way. Amazing. Imagine if the Son of Man could in actuality be spending his rebirth working at a Sprint kiosk in the mall in Northwestern Washington?

Tomorrow it is off to sea. I am glad the sail to Portland was delayed a day, as I had a ton of things to complete today, and a trickle more tomorrow morning.

I think I need a cigarette after that Sprint incident.

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