Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today is a day I almost wrote nothing. Getting lost in Everett by the Everett Mall was enough to ruin anyone's day. What unfortunate evolution has spoiled a once beautiful place - vast vistas of the Cascades - into endless sprawl of strip malls and Generica. I do not like malls and congestion. I find them both to be mentally irritating and wonder why mainstream suburban society subjects themslves to such unpleasantries.

But I was glad to get on the interstate and head back north to humble Bellingham, where I could return the rental car and climb aboard my bike. I've found that I'm wound much more tighly wound with four wheels on the ground versus two. And possibly on Thurday, three, as I might get picked up at BLI, Skagit or Anacortes airport to fly over to Orcas; or take the ferry instead. Either way suits me fine. From there, we leave for Portland under sail, with possibly a stop in Everett (of all places).

The picture is from my tent during sunrise in the mountains.

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