Thursday, September 10, 2009


Bellingham, Washington, City of Subdued Excitement

Tonight was absolutely beautiful. After some reading that turned into a nap, I awoke somewhat rejuvenated, though a bit groggy, and decided I should bike around town and take some pictures. My life is becoming manageable after a vigorous summer of work and play (and not necessarily in that order).

But I am glad that fall is in the air and twilight is upon us earlier and earlier and things slow down a bit. I guess I too am getting restless, as right now there does not seem to be a coffee shop that suits my fancy. So I ended up back at the Stuart's over at the Public Market, a common haunt where I feel comfortable.

And tomorrow I plan to blow out of town and head to the mountains. My anticipated hike is to Yellow Aster Butte about fifty miles east of Bellingham. I hope to hike in alone for the night to gain some solitude and breathtaking views. I finally will set foot in the mountains, and today I splurged for a twenty dollar sleeping bag at Yeagers. I guess I feel better buying a Chinese-made sleeping bag from locally-owned company versus a Chinese-made bag from a national chain. Some day I may become an eco-yuppie and buy a three hundred dollar bag that sings me to sleep at night (Muir and Kerouac would scoff at such frovolity), but right now I will stick to the old-school gear.

More pictures are sure to follow upon my return.

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