Friday, September 4, 2009


My weekend was off to a successful start of doing nothing. A day of work (driving down I-5 in my recently acquired 1985 pick-up amid the rush of B.C. license plates shooting past me in an effort to get to their destination to relax), and starting a book that I'd wanted to read for a bit. It was written while the author lived in Elyria, a town I used to pass through every Friday night on my way to my sailboat on Lake Erie. So the fictional town of Winesburg could possibly be set after Elyria - not really much of a coincidence, I guess.

Monday if the one of the few coinciding holiday for both countries, so the inudation of tourists should be dramatic. But the weekend forecast is rain, so my outdoor plans will need to be scuttled until next week. Yeah I've camped enough in the rain, so given the preference, I'll postpone to another weekend. There are still quite a few good ones ahead of us.

The pic is of a funky piece of glass that my housemate blew catching the morning rays of sunlight from the backyard.

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