Thursday, September 3, 2009


It will be a rainy weekend. I was planning a trip to Winthrop over the mountains on my old BMW motorbike. But the weather is supposed to be yucky all weekend, so I might just as well spend it doing nothing: A good book (fiction) and listening to Radio2. But I say that every weekend.

An interesting article in today's Independent about a 'giant' oil find in the Gulf of Mexico. So, as per the article, let's estimate that the find is 4 billion barrels. The article states that 10%-20% of the oil is realistically recoverable, so let's aim high and say 30% is recoverable. The world oil consumption for 2007 was 85.5m bbl/d. So this 'giant' find will add 14 days of world supply, if my math is correct. A find like this is a pretty good indication that the days of cheap oil are behind us, although this seems to be of little concern to most people.

The picture above is another flying picture flying over the Sucia Island, where we sailed to and anchored last summer for a few nights.

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