Sunday, September 20, 2009


Here's a picture that I took a a few days back of the Whatcom County Museum near my home. I've never been there, but I heard it's pretty cool. This building is widely photographed and very unique as a symbol of Bellingham.

Today I didn't leave the yard, come to think of it. A combination of taxes (ugh), finishing a yard project (which will allow me to finish another yard project, tinkering with the Vee-Dub (I removed the carpet, which covered the linoleum, which covered the original floor - a thin vinyl with a layer of particleboard over wood). This uncovered some rust (and two or three tiny holes) in the floorboards. Nothing catastrophic, I hope. I am glad that I have a hobby in my life again that I pursue with vigor and enthusiasm. I think this is my eighth VW that I've owned in my life.

Oh, and one of the chickens laid their first egg. Smaller than I thought, but the hens are long. Maybe they will get bigger as we add oyster shells to their diet or as they mature further.

A fragmented post for a fragmented Sunday.


Carol said...

Jeff Hi I'm thinking of relocating in Belingham from New England. Good decision?

Jeff Westcott said...

I came from the east coast and quite a few people always told me that Washington would be a place that would fit my personality, views, etc. I never knew what they meant by it...until I moved here, and have no regrets at all. But I've only been here 3+ years.