Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Another picture I took from this web site. I need to carry my camera more with me, but working from home eats up an inordinate amount of time and many days I don't get out of the house until noon or later. I don't know why you need to know that fact, but when I do finally make it outside, it's always much nicer than I imagine. And more refreshing.

And there's a good chance I might be acquiring a 1972 VW Weekender in the next weeks or two for practically nothing. Problem is, I need to swap out the transaxle, so that will probably be a $500 fix - for starters. And I am quite sure the problems will hardly be limited to that either. But it will be a winter project, and something that I longed for since I needed to abandon a '67 split window in Savanah, Georgia on my way to a Dead concert in '88, but that's another story. Hopefully this one will rise from the ashes reincarnated. I am sure more will follow on this.

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