Saturday, August 8, 2009


Here is a picture of the little wireless portable router that I carry around with me and conventional wireless or ethernet is not close at hand. Press the power button, and voila, you have internet. It's a pretty nifty device, and I'll no longer need to seek out seemingly elusive free wifi in airports or strange coffee houses in the shady parts of town.

I was going to write last night but something happened. Again. After sleeping and reading for a chunk of the evening, I decided to go to the grocery store around eleven pm - the Haggen over on Meridian. So my journey (that should've been about a mile and a half) turned into heading into to town, turning right on Holly, up through Columbia and onto Northwest, all the way past the interstate and up to Bellis Fair. Then back down Meridian to the Dark Haggen. Running a simple errand can sometimes evolve into an extended jaunt around town on my bicycle. And what a beautiful night it was to ride. So needless to say, I got home much later than I'd anticipated and didn't feel like writing.

So it's another cloudy, chilly sixty-one degree Saturday morning here in Bellingham.

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