Sunday, May 17, 2009


In an effort to watch our weight, we placed a voluntary ban ion ice cream entering the house. That was short lived, as my housemate returned home with two quarts on sale from the Cost Cutter, a store I really do not frequent too much, but it's next to one of the video stores.

The picture is of my square foot garden, which brings out the structured accounting side of me. And it probably is the most efficient way to grow veggies ,and takes the least amount of seed usage. Each square gets its own crop - thirty-two plots in a 4x8 garden. It's actually coming along quite nicely.

A busy weekend and late night. Actually a very late night. And probably an early one tonight.

An aside: A very interesting article on the Option ARMs resetting over the next few years. I think the worst is yet to come for real estate and the languishing economy. Instead of resetting, these loans recast. I am sure you will hear the term recasting used frequently over the next eighteen months or so.

Time for some Rocky Road ice cream.

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