Monday, May 4, 2009


So today was a horrific morning of having to wake up at {gasp} 3:50am to go to a conference in Seattle.It's sort of fun to go to Seattle, although I thought I would have more time to wander around the city. Instead, I spent it in the Convention Center. Blech. But the conference was very interesting and ten hours flew by in a flurry of talking and handing out business cards.

I thought I would never make it, although once the caffeine kicked in I was fine. Right around ten a.m. And I have never seen the governor (governouresse?) in person. Considering that I abhor any of our political leaders, Chris Gregoire is one exception. It's te first time I think I've been in the presence of a figure of her stature since I was near George H.W. Bush campaigning for Reagan in 1979.

But I am proud to be a part of this movement taking plave in Washington, and the fact that this conference was overflowing with interested parties taking part in this change.

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